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ZAYA, leading the way in developing extraordinary products from quality ingredients, getting from diverse industries, has ability to respond to changing consumer needs and retain their competitive edge, locally and globally. Our expertise in this area is vast – from dry fruits, cakes, muffins and pastries to cookies, biscuits and baked snacks. Innovation is our lifeblood and our investment in Dry fruit and Bakery for research development and technical expertise is focussed on meeting the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

How we ensure food safety The quality and safety of our products is our top Priority We follow rigorous procurement to ensure we select safe, high quality & healthy raw materials. Our facility is designed to ensure we prepare our products at high quality with safety standards. This includes Preventing foreign bodies from entering products, Enabling management of allergens and pests including clean and safe water supply air filtration for any materials coming into contact with food, Caring that the material equipment and manufacturing environment are all designed to produce safe products at appropriate temperature
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